Rainway launches streaming app for playing PC games on mobile

Rainway launches streaming app for playing PC games on mobile


Video game streaming service Rainway has launched a new app that allows users to play PC games on mobile devices.

As reported by VentureBeat, the new streaming technology will enable PC games from the likes of Steam to be played across iPhones, iPads and iPods and Android for free.

As the product doesn’t utilise cloud services, the costs behind it are much cheaper, according to Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson. Instead, the system works peer-to-peer and was something that took a while to be approved by Apple themselves because of this.

“Ultra low-latency”

“No data goes through our servers and it’s with this approach that we get ultra low-latency streaming because our technology can optimise for the users network, rather than trying to be one size fits all solution,” said Andrew Sampson.

“All of this means end users can stream games from their PC inside their home or out on the go, and they don’t need to repurchase any games. Our streaming technology is also compatible with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia hardware so it works out of the box for all PC games.”

Rainway faces a lot of competition in the streaming market with Microsoft working on Project xCloud and Google Stadia, which launched in November, gives users access to games on the move.

Google recently acquired indie developer Typhoon Studios for first-party development on Stadia.


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