Which guns the Pros choose in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Which guns the Pros choose in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Ever since the first release Counter-Strike, it has become one of the most renowned first-person shooter games that have ever graced the earth. Counter-Strike has become a favorite of gamers from different gaming generations and its evolution from what it once was always welcomed with open arms. From all-night LAN parties that saw groups of friends pulling up to one another’s homes with their computers ready to shoot each other up to today, it has undoubtedly made waves.

Nowadays, although the original Counter-Strike games still have a cult following, Valve’s newest iteration of the title called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is extremely popular. With a whole e-Sports league dedicated to the best players on the platform and even a marketplace that uses real currencies for cosmetic item trading, Global Offensive is a whole new world.

If you are a new player and you haven’t been quite graced with good games and are wondering why people are so much better than you are, there is a simple answer to that question. You aren’t using the right guns, is why. Not every gun was created equal, which is why if you study tournaments, you’ll only see a few guns being used, ever. Here is our list of the best guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:


This is a good gun to pick up when you start any round of matches, as the first round always starts out as a pistol match. This is known as a one-tap king for pistols, making it the best spawn handgun in CS:GO. With a low ammo count, this may prove to be quite difficult to traverse if your aim isn’t the best, but with a chance to dish out 140 damage on an unarmed terrorist, we have to recommend this.


Older CS fans know this as the Bullpup. While many people passed on this gun for many years despite its armor penetration and all-around accuracy, today’s players may tell you otherwise. With its hybrid platform mixing assault rifles and a sniper rifle, this is a good gun for all-around use. Whether you are camping, guarding, or even in rushing B, you’ll find that the AUG is a viable option. Just make your shots count, because its reload time is a bit unforgiving!


Arguably the safest gun to use in any video game, CS:GO’s M4A1 is no different. With extremely manageable recoil, a sound suppressor to hide your position when flanking, and amazing accuracy in long-range firefights, you’ll be pressed to find a better gun. Despite having a smaller magazine and a slower rate of fire, this gun’s accuracy makes up for it very well.


Everyone loves snipers in video games, and CS:GO’s AWP is a one-shot killer that is threatening in the right hands. With the ability to kill fully armored players with a well-placed shot to the torso or head, this is something that makes it one of the best guns for both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Even if they don’t die, the chances are that their health is weak and will be done for with a few rounds by your teammates. You’ll see these used by the best CS players, and has been one of the only consistent guns from the previous games up to today.

Desert Eagle

You’ve seen this in the hands of Russian pro gamers and how their aim is almost computer-like. This gun makes a loud boom thanks to the round chambered inside it being one of the largest calibers in a pistol but can one-hit-kill on a headshot easily. It has a slow fire rate and a horrible reload speed, making it hard to adjust if your accuracy is not pinpoint, but once you master it, you’ll run nothing but the Deagle in games.


These are merely some of the few guns used by the best CS:GO players in the world. With superior quality and accuracy, as well as damage powers, these are what makes these guns amazing choices for anyone. Note that the Counter-Strike series is highly skill-based, and that going into ranked matches is a large challenge, so prepare yourself before you dive in.

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