Resident Evil Village: Seven important tips and tricks for surviving this terrifying journey

Resident Evil Village: Seven important tips and tricks for surviving this terrifying journey

Resident Evil is the most successful survival horror videogame series of all time and could also be considered as one of the most important since its first games were paramount to establish the foundations of this genre.

Resident Evil: Village (also known as Resident Evil 8) is the most recent game in the aforementioned franchise developed by Capcom and is a narrative sequel to Resident Evil 7, so this game will once again feature a first-person perspective and players will once again take control of Ethan Winters. This videogame stands out for having gameplay much more focused on action (compared to its predecessor), its great storyline full of interesting twists and turns, and its amazing graphics, which demonstrates the great potential of the renowned RE Engine.

That said, Resident Evil: Village can be extremely challenging on many occasions, especially for those who are just starting out in this game, since each of its zones has a large number of enemies that require different strategies to be eliminated, resources can be limited and during the exploration of the village it is possible to encounter some unpleasant surprises. For these reasons, here are some extremely useful recommendations and tricks that novice Resident Evil Village players will need to learn in order to more easily survive their terrifying journey.

1.  Moves that improve melee combat

As all your players already know, this game does not allow your players to attack repeatedly with the knife, since after attacking a couple of times you will have to wait a short moment to be able to attack again. However, it is possible to accelerate such by pressing the Guard button right after attacking twice with the knife, so in situations where you need to attack many times with the knife, it is best to attack twice, Guard, attack again and continue in this way consecutively.

Another basic, but quite useful move that should be used in risky situations (such as being surrounded) is the Kick, which is a kind of counterattack that is performed by pressing the Guard button right after successfully blocking an enemy attack. This attack knocks enemies down with a strong kick, so it is extremely necessary to know how to master it in order to escape from enemies.

2.  Simple method to solve many puzzles

As usual in this videogame series, Resident Evil: Village has several puzzles that must be solved in order to continue in the campaign. Although in the previous games the puzzles required a lot of exploration and observation in order to get the clues needed to solve them, in Resident Evil: Village the puzzles tend to be much simpler, as the clues are relatively easy to find. That said, if you come across a puzzle, the first thing to do is to pay close attention and investigate the room where you are, as the clues are usually very close.

3.  Learn how to make good use of money

During the beginning of Resident Evil: Village, it is important to know that you should not waste money upgrading the first weapons you get in the game (especially the pistol), because in a short time you will be able to get better weapons that are worth upgrading, so you will need to save money.

That said, as you continue to advance in the game you will be able to get superior versions of each type of weapon, so the most beneficial option to get rid of the weaker weapons you have in your inventory is to sell them. In the inventory menu, you can check the characteristics of the weapons so just look for the weakest of them all and sell it, although usually, the newest weapons you get are the best. However, it is important to remember to keep at least one weapon of each type.

It is also important to know that one of the most important purchases to make in Resident Evil Village is to increase the inventory capacity since during our journey we will find many healing items or ammunition that may be necessary to survive, but the inventory is very limited, so there will be no other option but to pass up these items. For that reason, even though they may be expensive, it is essential to save money and buy an inventory increase whenever you can.

4.  Don’t be afraid to explore as much as possible

Resident Evil: Village focuses a lot on the action and features semi-open areas where exploration can bring many interesting and useful rewards. That said, don’t be afraid to explore every nook and cranny of the village, as the game is well-paced and the difficulty is well-tuned to make each area challenging, but without overdoing it with the difficulty. In addition, this game is designed so that players can be ready for any situation since each area of the game has a good amount of resources and ammunition that will allow us to advance, even if we have an empty inventory.

In Resident Evil: Village there are also times when you must return to an already explored area, and in each of these situations, it is highly recommended to return to explore the entire area, as it is very possible that in these you can find new puzzles, enemies, useful items and various rewards.

5.  Run away from enemies when necessary

In Resident Evil: Village you will usually be able to escape from many enemies without problems (even in the highest difficulties), so in case you are short of ammunition or items, the best thing to do is to run away from the enemies. However, it should also be noted that many dangerous enemies can follow us throughout the area, so it is always necessary to be aware of our backs while exploring (especially in the factory). We must also be especially careful with the werewolves, as they are very fast and numerous, which makes escaping from them not a viable option, especially if we want to explore the area without hindrance.

This game also implemented mechanics and items that make escape much easier, such as the possibility of creating barricades with doors or shelves to stop enemies and Flour Bags, which can be thrown to temporarily blind enemies, and thus facilitate escape in many dangerous situations. Mines could also be mentioned, as these can delay larger and faster enemies for long enough to heal, reload the weapon or find a better strategy to defeat them.

6.  Take time to read

As in the previous games of this franchise, in many areas of Resident Evil: Village there will be various files that players can read to learn more about the game’s plot and characters.

Although reading these files is optional, it is highly recommended, as many of these texts contain really useful information such as hints for solving puzzles or defeating certain enemies and bosses.

7.  Dedicate time to hunting and cooking

At a certain point in the game, The Duke will offer us the possibility of cooking different foods with the animal parts we obtain and although this task may not seem necessary, it turns out to be quite recommended, since the different recipes can provide permanent improvements for Ethan, whether health, speed or even resistance to damage. For this reason, it is highly recommended to dedicate some time to hunt animals and get the necessary ingredients to be able to cook the various recipes available.

Having said that, it is hoped that these tips and tricks can help the most inexperienced players to more easily overcome the challenges that will be presented in the terrifying Resident Evil: Village.

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