4 Awesome Online PS4 Games to Play During the Pandemic

4 Awesome Online PS4 Games to Play During the Pandemic

It may have seemed like forever over the past months, but we do not blame you. Getting locked away at home due to the ongoing pandemic can make a day seem like an eternity, especially if you have nothing to do. Fortunately, if you have a PS4 at home, you have access to one of the world’s largest libraries of entertainment. Plus, with the console, you can hit up with your friends for an hour or more of your favorite multiplayer games to help pass the time.

Are you wondering what PS4 multiplayer games to play with friends during the pandemic? Here are four options you must give a try:

1. GTA Online

If you miss going out with your friends, why not enjoy a drive in Grand Theft Auto? GTA Online puts you and your buddies in Los Santos, a city with plenty of activities that can help you kill time. 

Whether you want to fly around jets shooting each other down or go at it with bank heists, you can do all of that in this sandbox-type game. Even if you want to do something more relaxing, you can switch on Passive mode and enjoy a round of tennis or golf!

2. Fortnite

Do you want to feel the rush of fighting off other people for that one prize that only the last survivor will get? Get into Fortnite’s battle royale mode! Nothing puts more adrenaline into your veins than fighting off enemy squads and running into that last team you need to eliminate for that victory royale! 

Even if you fail, you can always try again, and again, and again. After all, you have lots of time on your hands, and Fortnite will never fail to give you an exciting gaming experience.

3. Rocket League

Are you and your best buds a big fan of soccer? If so, then take a look at this soccer-esque game that replaces players with cars! In this game, you get to zoom around with your stylish and rocket-boosted vehicle, passing and striking the ball into the back of the net, high-fiving each other for the awesome plays, or calling each other out for that embarrassing own-goal.

4. Tekken 7

For something a little more up close and personal, you might want to try fighting games like Tekken 7. The controls are simple, and so is the goal: do not run out of health. Of course, simplicity is where many people fall victim to, which is what you should avoid as you try to combo your friends until the other one does not stand any longer.


Apart from the ones we mentioned so far, there are just so many other PS4 games you can play with your family and friends. For instance, if you want to delve deep into a realistic shooter-mode, try out Battlefield 1. If you want something a little more like actual soccer, FIFA 19 is there to give you the satisfaction you need. Either way, we promise that you will not get bored with any of these games.

Are you interested to learn more about what other online PS4 games are available? Blackally has all the articles you need so that you know what you can play – check out our content today!

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