Dota Underlords starts its first ‘real’ season next week

Dota Underlords starts its first ‘real’ season next week


By Ian Boudreau

21 Feb 2020

Dota Underlords will kick off its first non-beta season next week. Season One officially begins February 25, and with the start of the new season comes a brand new battlepass and associated rewards.

Some of those rewards include new board props, which you’ll be able to place on your Underlords board to customize your battlefield. If you’ve reached level 5 while playing the beta, you’ll get a special golden Ricky Ravenhook statue as a thank-you gift. Players who purchase the new battlepass will get a stone version of the statue (and Valve says that yes, you may have both).

While Valve is doing a soft reset for ranks for the new season, you’ll keep your ‘Major’ rank – that’s the one you see on the homescreen, like Outlaw, Smugger, and Boss. The exception here is for players who reached the rank of Lord of Whitespire, who will all get knocked back to Big Boss III.

You’ll also be able to keep your Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of Whitespire boards if you’ve unlocked them. The new season will include a new default board, plus five brand new boards you can unlock by leveling up your battlepass.

Dota Underlords has gone through a tonne of changes over the course of its “protopass” season, and at the beginning of the year it was looking at some pretty low player numbers – at least compared to where it had been at launch. Hopefully the new season will convince players to return to the game, and bring with it some stability as well.


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