Biomutant: Essential tips for beginners

Beginners guide to get you started in the world of Biomutant. Excellent game but might be a bit daunting for newcomers. Check out our tips!

Biomutant: Essential tips for beginners

Biomutant is the recent open-world Action RPG videogame developed by Experiment 101, which has gained great popularity thanks to its vast post-apocalyptic world made up of very varied areas that can be freely explored, its interesting battle system that combines melee attacks with long-range shooting, and also for the characteristic ability of the playable character, which is a kind of animal with biomechanical parts that can mutate its body to obtain new forms and abilities.

In Biomutant, players will be able to create their character from scratch with various types of customization options that can modify both their appearance and their stats during the game. In addition, players also have the possibility of making their own weapons by combining all kinds of parts that will be obtained during exploration.

That said, Biomutant is a game quite focused on exploration and combat, so these two elements are full of different mechanics (some more complex than others) that could be very complicated to master for the most beginner players. Besides, the world of this ARPG is quite extensive and the places have a lot of content to interact with, so it is easy to get lost and not know how to proceed properly in the game. For these reasons, the following is a guide with several tips and explanations that will undoubtedly help those beginner Biomutant players who wish to improve their stay in the interesting world offered by this title.

Explore and get as many chests as possible

As mentioned above, Biomutant offers a vast open world with various biomes to explore without any pre-fixed path, so there is no problem in simply picking a random direction and walking in this one, as there will always be important to find. It is also important to be attentive to find chests, as they may contain parts or equipment essential to survive in the hostile world of Biomutant during the first hours of gameplay, especially in the fights against the first bosses.

There’s also loads of different puzzles and mini-games that unlock or give loot too. So, it is important to keep exploring and try to find as many chests and mini-games as possible

Find the most convenient game style

As in other videogames of the RPG genre, in Biomutant it is also essential to know how to distribute the stats points when leveling up. It is best to focus on two or three different attributes and prioritize their increase over the others every time you level up, since this way you will be able to obtain a very effective character for many situations, especially when you start in the videogame.

It’s also important to explain that in this videogame it is not really necessary to worry about the class and race selected at the beginning, as these only significantly affect the gameplay during the first hours of Biomutant. As the adventure progresses, players will find their own style of play and begin to adapt to it. For this reason it is normal to find players who started with a certain class, but then chose to use the fighting style and weapons that best suited each situation. That said, it is important to know that in Biomutant it is advisable to experiment constantly until you master a certain game style.

Learn how to parry strikes and counterattack

One of the most important melee combat mechanics to survive in battles is the parrying, which consists of blocking an enemy hit at the exact moment. This action causes the enemies to be stunned and exposed for a counterattack that can produce a lot of damage. For this reason, it is essential to master the parrying and counterattack, especially for those who are just starting the adventure.

Catch the mirage

During several moments of the adventure it will be possible to observe a strange, big, white and brown guy holding a flashlight. This is known as “the mirage” and is usually located at a considerable distance and if we lose sight of it or do not catch it in time, it will disappear for a certain period of time and reappear at another point in the game.
It is highly recommended to catch the mirage, as doing so will unlock old memories and permanent upgrades for your character. Its missions consist of extremely complicated battles, but fortunately you will be able to get the upgrades even if you lose.

Talk to NPCs

Although this can be quite annoying for some, it is highly recommended to talk to all the NPCs we find in the world, as they can provide important information that can help us find secrets, or they can also activate Sidequests that can be completed to obtain new items, equipment or parts.

The consequences of the decisions made in the game

This ARPG allows its players to be free to choose the path they will follow during the adventure, and it is for that very reason that many players at the beginning wonder if the decisions they make or the paths they decide to follow at a specific moment have any important repercussions in the game. This is totally accurate, since depending on the actions taken during the videogame, the relationships with the main and secondary characters will change a lot, you will be able to access different events in the story and, as it is obvious, the most important change will be reflected in everything related to the Dark and the Light. The system is very similar to “Fable” but this time the choices you take have big impact on the world and multiple endings.

Obtain resistances to improve exploration

The world of Biomutant has many risky areas for players, either because of extreme temperatures, radioactivity levels or because of a biohazard. These areas are too dangerous to venture into, so it will be necessary to obtain a high enough resistance for each particular danger. These resistances can be obtained by finding armors with resistance to a certain hazard, by spending Bio Points in the character menu or by obtaining the special suits that offer 100% resistance to a certain hazard (there are five suits in total). That said, it will be necessary to obtain some of these items in order to more easily explore the open world of Biomutant.

Take advantage of the crafting system

Although during the exploration it is possible to find many powerful weapons, it is much more effective to make and improve your own weapons from parts obtained, so it is essential to learn how to use the Craft Menu. Weapons that are manufactured can also be improved in the workbenches that can be found in many towns on the map. In addition, crafting weapons also allows you to add effects to your shots, such as the ability to freeze or electrocute enemies.

Here at Blackally, we are loving Biomutant. It is not free of flaws and come of the systems are clearly not that innovating but finally a game that is playable from launch and it offers a great world to explore. We will start doing guides on builds, items, crafting so stay tuned.

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