4 Things You Can Do in GTA 5 After You Have Beaten the Game

4 Things You Can Do in GTA 5 After You Have Beaten the Game

Have you found yourself following the traffic rules in GTA 5? We don’t blame you, as that’s what we tend to do too after we’ve pretty much beaten the game. However, there are just so many things you can do in GTA 5 that you might not have considered yet. For example, did you know that you can become an assassin? If not, then now you do!

Here are four things you can do in GTA 5 after you have beaten the game:

1. Assassinate people

Since we have pointed it out already in the introduction, yes, you can assassinate people. No, we are not telling you to pick your victims and carry out the deed randomly. Instead, we are telling you to go and meet up with Lester. He will give you missions that require you to assassinate a few people.

If you have not completed the game so far, then hold out for now. This is because, when you assassinate specific individuals, certain stock prices shoot up. See where we are getting at? By doing enough research, you can invest all your money into that stock so that when you do assassinate the individual, you will be rewarded heftily.

2. Gather all the collectibles

Ask yourself, have you really completed the game? If you were like many who simply focused on the primary mission, then chances are that you are far from it. There are side quests to be done and other things to be discovered. However, if there is one thing that people always forget to do, that is to gather all the collectibles.

In some cases, you can do this as you go through the game. However, there is nothing wrong with starting this venture only after you have finished the game. There are tons of things you can collect, especially if you are going for full completion. To add to this, not only will you get to boast about it, but you will be rewarded for collecting as well, as the game will give you new cars.

3. Pick up a new hobby

If for some reason, you want to do something other than committing crimes in a game literally all about stealing cars, then there are many other fun activities you can enjoy.

For example, if you are a sports lover, you can head out and play some tennis, golf, and so on. For those who love to race, you can go street racing! There are plenty of activities you can do in GTA V that do not involve guns, although you might want to ask yourself why you’re playing GTA in the first place if you don’t enjoy crime and violence.

4. Get the gold medals

If you are truly serious about completing the game, then it is time to put on your try-hard hat. If you have not yet, go for the “Solid Gold, Baby” achievement. The achievement requires you to collect a total of 70 gold medals. Fortunately for you, there are way more missions than that, meaning that you do not necessarily have to get gold in every single mission. However, if you wanted to, the choice to do so is completely up to you!


If you are afraid to have absolutely nothing to do after you have completed Grand Theft Auto 5, worry not. As you can see, there are just so many other things you can do. From golfing and assassinating to collecting stuff and finishing achievements. You will always find yourself busy here in the world of GTA V, and it will indeed be a while before you can confidently say, “I’ve finished the game.”

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