There Will Be Exclusives You Can Only Play on PS5

There Will Be Exclusives You Can Only Play on PS5

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We’ve posted about this before, but in light of Microsoft’s recent comments regarding the Xbox Series X, it perhaps bears repeating that the PlayStation 5 will have exclusive games at launch. This is according to reliable Kotaku scribe Jason Schreier, speaking on the publication’s Split Screen podcast. We’re not talking about “console exclusives” here, but titles that are designed for and can only be played on the next-generation system.

While this has historically been the expectation for new console launches, the Team in Green has confirmed that all of its upcoming launch titles will also deploy on the Xbox One and PC, muddying the waters a little. In some ways, this could give the Japanese giant a leg-up – it’ll be more difficult for Microsoft to fully illustrate the advantages of its new appliance when it has to create its games with legacy hardware in mind.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that a majority of the PS5’s launch titles will be cross-gen, as third-parties will still want to leverage the sizeable install base of the PS4. Rumour mongers on social media claim that Bluepoint’s previously announced project will be one of the first PS5-only projects, with many speculating it’s a remake of Demon’s Souls. There’s also increased chatter of a new Ratchet & Clank, while Gran Turismo 7 has been touted, too.

We reckon all three of those would make for a fairly strong launch lineup – it’d certainly be an improvement on Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack. We’ll need to wait for official confirmation, though. One things for sure: these games are going to melt eyeballs – especially when they’re being designed and built with next-gen hardware specifically in mind.


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