Your April Fools’ Day 2019 Round-Up

Your April Fools’ Day 2019 Round-Up

Today is April Fools’ Day, which is an odd day on the Internet. You can’t take anything seriously, and nothing makes sense. It’s a fun occasion, though, as assorted content creators relax and show off their goofy sides โ€“ us included! Keep an eye out for our annual Game Infarcer issue to be online a little later today, as well as our chat with Game Infarcer cover artist, Zander Cannon, about how it all came together. But enough about our own stuff โ€“ here’s the stuff from other people.

Ubisoft Puts Rabbids In For Honor

Ubisoft released a strange update to For Honor this morning that will only last for 24 hours. It adds all kinds of Rabbids to battle in For Honor. If you participate in the event, you will unlock a melee pack.

You can read more about it here.

Ubisoft Makes Rainbow Six Siege Magical For A Week

From April 1-8, there is a Rainbow Six Siege event that makes the game look a whole lot different and rewards Rainbow is Magic Collection Packs for participating.

Platinum Fake Announces Chief Executive Omni-Weapon Ken-Ichi

Platinum Gamesย revealed a game where you play as a robot-suit version of company CEO, Kenichi Sato, who has jet propulsion coming out of his butt and wants your money. It is apparently releasing on October 25, which is Sato’s 57th birthday.

Capcom Turns Nero From Devil May Cry 5 Into An Empusa

This one doubles as a reminder that Devil May Cry 5’s free Bloody Palace DLC is out today. It also imagines an Empusa enemy as a playable character and inserts it into a few cutscenes. It’s weird.

HAL Laboratory Made Kirby Square

Frankly, it was time for a change. Kirby is a square now if you go here to Kirby’s official website.

Doom References Bob Ross

I bet Bob Ross was a HUGE fan of Doom.

Square Enix Reveals An Alexa Alternative

This is a Final Fantasy XIV reference that is surprisingly unhelpful, as far as in-home smart speakers go. It is destructive, though.

Jackbox Games Reveals Everybody Help Grandma

A new game for Jackbox Party 6, this fake game from the director of Tee K.O. and Tee K.O, that probably won’t ever actually exist, tasks you with helping your grandma with everyday tasks.

Sniper Elite: Love In Your Sights Is Coming Out Never

Rebellion, the studio behind the Sniper Elite series, fake announced a romance game that is says is, “a whirlwind wartime romance.” It also says it is never coming out.

Psyonix Changed The Art For Rocket League’s Assorted Playlists

If you log in to play today, it looks a lot different. Friendlier, some might argue.

Jonathan Blow And Thekla Announceย  Witness 2: Puzzle Boogaloo

It’s coming to Ouya and Dreamcast, apparently, and Blow will reveal more in an upcoming “J-Blow Direct”. The big addition for this entry (other than dropping “The”) is it will finally include advertisements and microtransactions.

We’ll keep updating this story throughout the day so make sure to keep checking back, and let us know in the comments what “pranks” we need to add to the list!


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