The Original 1999 Resident Evil 3 Soundtrack on Vinyl

The Original 1999 Resident Evil 3 Soundtrack on Vinyl

Vinyl is all the rage nowadays, and with the impending release of Resident Evil 3 creeping ever close, what’s better than purchasing the original soundtrack on a format which was supposed to go the way of the dodo in the early 1990s? Laced Records and Capcom have teamed up to give fans the option of buying the collection of 46 tracks — arriving at roughly the same time as the PlayStation 4 remake.

Priced at £33/$35, the vinyl set will be available across Europe, the US, the Middle-East, and African territories, with pre-orders being taken through this link. Those residing in the USA who wish to own a copy can put some money down via this link instead.

The track list includes classics such as the save room theme song Free From Fear, as well as:

Side A

1. The Last Escape

2. Option Screen

3. Title Calling

4. The Opening

5. The Beginning Of Nightmare

6. The Great Novelist

7. Free From Fear

8. Meeting Brad

9. Cold Sweat

10. The City Of Ruin

11. Imminent Slaughter

12. Nemesis’ Theme

13. Feel The Tense…

14. The Front Hall

Side B

1. The First Floor

2. Well Dressed Up

3. Carlos’ Theme

4. Nicholai’s Theme

5. Coldhearted Soldier

6. Complete Rest

7. An Impending Danger

8. The Clock Tower

9. Don’t Lose Courage

10. Mysterious Orgel – Correct

11. Mysterious Orgel – Wrong

Side C

1. Unstoppable Nemesis

2. Bring Back Her Consciousness

3. Traitor

4. The Grave Digger

5. Defiant Behavior

6. Nemesis Doesn’t Give Up

7. Missile Approaching

8. Against The Chopper

9. Emergency Level D

Side D

1. Nemesis Final Metamorphosis

2. The Last Decision

3. Euthanasia Of Raccoon City

4. Unfortunate Event

5. Staffs & Credits

6. Ever After

7. Title Calling – Arranged Ver.

8. Choose The Best One

9. The Doomed City

10. Hellish Agony

11. Reward And Result

12. CM-2 – Long Ver.

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