Guide to Eliminate Dust Buildup in Your PS4

Guide to Eliminate Dust Buildup in Your PS4

Dust buildup is one of the most destructive things to any electronic device. In mobile gadgets and handheld consoles, this may not seem like such a big deal because they are always on the go with us. For stationary entertainment systems like the Playstation 4 system, the unit sits on your tv stand or on a shelf for basically its whole life with you. The problem with this and other items that do not move around is that dust forms around it and the fans used to cool the internals suck it all in. 

When dust forms inside your gaming unit it may cause overheating issues due to the thick layering that mitigates the cooling factor, as well as clog optical drives that read discs. Bearing these in mind, it may be a good time for you to take your PS4 or XBOX platform in for a deep clean. Here are some things to ponder on when it comes to caring for your consoles.

Cleaning your PS4 Unit Improves Performance

If you have owned your gaming console for a long time, you may have experienced certain issues presenting themselves in noticeable ways. For one, when dusty, PS4s become significantly louder when playing a game due to increased power put into the fans to cool the internal parts. Other people who own first-generation units of the console have reported experiencing random disc ejections, which makes the unit practically unplayable. Taking the unit to a professional technician for a deep clean will benefit your PS4 or XBOX, allowing them to last even longer. 

Cleaning Bumps up the Resale Value

Although used tech units normally depreciate in value extremely fast, having a well cared for PS4 will attract buyers. There is no doubt that time causes dirt to form, which is why regular cleaning of the entire unit should bump up the value due to the pristine nature of the console being sold. Nobody will want a PS4 or XBOX with defects, so make sure that you take good care of your console if you plan to sell it in the future. 

Preventive Techniques and Maintenance

Some of the best ways to keep your PS4 clean is to store it in an open, cool space that is far from liquids and food. Keep the console flat on a stable surface to avoid the potential damage that may occur if knocked over. It also helps to routinely clean surfaces around the unit using disinfectant wipes or compressed air.

When cleaning and disinfecting your consoles, be sure that they are fully unplugged from the power source and HDMI cables. This makes it easier to clean and wipe the dust off of it. 

Deep Cleaning by Professionals

Some jobs are just meant to be handled by professionals. If you are not very familiar with consumer electronics and how they work, it is best to leave it to someone who knows how to do it. This is even better if your console is under warranty, which means you save big on costs. Spending a bit more on full cleans are worth the headache you may receive from taking it apart but not knowing how to put it together again. 

If you do plan on doing it yourself, it is best to start with a basic clean of visible areas. After that, take apart the screws slowly and take the case off, which should be followed by a blast of compressed air. Avoid touching the drive area due to its fragile nature. Before putting it back together, let the unit air out before putting it back together.


It is inevitable that gadgets and consoles will be affected by dust build up in our homes. Preventive measures can save lots of money if routinely practiced. However, if things go wrong or the measures cease to work, deep cleaning by professionals is required. 

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