Weapon Upgrade Tips for Half-Life Alyx

Weapon Upgrade Tips for Half-Life Alyx

While Half-Life: Alyx does not offer that many weapons to pick up and use, it still provides enough to cause you to wonder which one you should pick. Generally, you cannot go wrong with any of them. That means that whether you opt for the submachine gun, the shotgun, or even the pistol, you would be able to play effectively. Plus, with the upgrade mechanic (the first in the Half-Life series), they will just become better as you progress.

That said, we will help you understand how you can make the most out of the weapons in Half-Life: Alyx by sharing with you some upgrade tips you might not have known yet.

1. The Pistol

The pistol is the bread and butter in Half-Life: Alyx and is the first weapon you get.

When it comes to operating the gun, all you need to be aware of is its reloading mechanic. To reload it, you press the button that is mapped to release the mag inside. Once it is out, you can replace it with a fresh mag from either your backpack or the environment. Once it is entirely in, you need to pull back the pistol to the chamber in the first round. Note that if you continuously do this, a new round will always be placed in, meaning that you can empty your entire mag by pulling back the slide repeatedly.

As for the upgrades, focus on the laser sites as well as the bullet reservoir. The reflex sights are a nice-to-have, but not as necessary as the other upgrades.

2. The Submachine Gun

The SMG is a powerful gun that utilizes power cells as magazines holding thirty rounds each. Unlike the pistol or the shotgun, the SMG is the easiest to reload. All you need to do is take out the old cell and replace it with a new one. There is no sliding our pumping mechanic to it.

When it comes to upgrading your SMG, go straight for the laser sight. This will help you hit more of your shots, especially if you are not aiming down the sights.

3. The Shotgun

The shotgun is perfect at taking out closeup targets without having to aim that much. Plus, it is effective against armored soldiers.

The biggest drawback to the shotgun you need to know is that the weapon’s bullets are quite hard to find. However, this also means that you only typically need one bullet to take out a soldier, albeit you have to be quite close to the target. If you need more range, you can consider using a grenade launcher to be more effective at crowd control and kill enemies from a distance.

Which upgrades should you go for on the shotgun? Well, anything that is not a laser sight. Because of how close you are going to use the weapon, such attachments are unnecessary, and you are better off saving up for the better upgrades.


There are many other weapons in Half-Life: Alyx, such as the Combine Grenade. Nevertheless, the three weapons we have talked about will be what you will carry around for most, if not all, of the game. Remember the tips we have shared with you for each weapon so that once you acquire them and put them to use, you will be able to make the most out of the weapons.

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