The Weekender: Countdown Edition | Pocket Tactics

The Weekender: Countdown Edition | Pocket Tactics


You might be interested in knowing that the new Editorial team for Pocket Tactics starts next week, with the full site relaunch dropping on March 31st. This means that, after today, there are exactly four Weekenders left under my watch. I’m not sure what the new team will and won’t decide to do content wise, but I look forward to finding out.

In that regard, there will be some additional communications from me in the coming weeks as to what exactly is coming to happen come the end of March, and what that will mean for you as readers. Stay tuned.

If you’re wondering why this is dropping today: I’m on holiday tomorrow and rather than skipping another Weekender, I thought I’d just bring it forward a day. The Header image is from Final Fantasy 3.

Meanwhile, in mobile gaming…

New App Releases

Bit of a dry one this week, with the only real release of note is the mobile port of DryGin’s ‘medical malpractice’ simulator Bio Inc. It’s launching on Android today, with an iOS version coming soon.

The only other games of note to turn up this week was another The Quest expansion, Hero of Lukomorye V, and side-scrolling shoot em-up Aces of the Luftwaffe.

App News and Updates

What a coincidence that, amidst an international medical emergency, as one medical-themed game arrives, another one vanishes (sort of). The developers of Plague Inc. reported today that their virus simulator has been removed from the App Store China for including “content that is illegal in China as determined by the Cyberspace Administration of China”. They’ve released a statement on the situation here.

Speaking of the Coronavirus, it was revealed recently that EVE Echoes’ official release was going to be delayed because of the current situation. They haven’t decided on a final release schedule yet.

In other news, Asmodee have put out a call for more game studios to get in touch to adapt their library of over 250 boardgame properties to digital. It seems that Asmodee Digital, despite trying to publish every digital board game under the sun, isn’t up to handling the task on their own.

In terms of game updates, a few things of note:

Imbroglio has received a large balance update, as spotted by TouchArcade. You should go to the iOS page to get the full rundown of what’s been changed, but the main thing to note is that the leaderboards have been refreshed to account for the patch. Your old scores are still saved though, so any unlocks remain.

As we reported last week, DOTA Underlords’ first official season was imminent, and we can now confirm it has officially kicked off. It has a Battle Pass, a new City area to explore, additional game modes and lots more. The update is pretty hefty, so beware.

Last, but not least, the recently released Dark Souls-like RPG Pascal’s Wager has gotten an official content roadmap for the rest of 2020. First up is a major free patch landing tomorrow that will add a ‘Casual Mode’, as well as Japanese Subtitles. Next up is a New Game+ mode in March, followed by the Android release around May time along with another content update

App Sales

Only a couple of games worth talking about this week. Final Fantasy III’s iPad and iPhone version (separate entries in the App Store) are both half price at $7.99, while This War of Mine has plummeted down to $1.99 for the first time since the end of December.

Seen anything you liked, played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!


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