The Division 2: Five Tips to Secure Victory

The Division 2: Five Tips to Secure Victory

The Division 2 builds upon the firm promise of its predecessor in a transformative way which, acts as a satisfyingly substantial revamp. In all but every sense. That said, there are a handful of significant changes and new additions this time around. Thankfully, we’ve composed a list to help you get to grips with the sprawling battlegrounds of Washington DC.

While these tips are aimed primarily at newcomers to The Division franchise, seasoned pros will also gain vital intel on modifications to both the brutal Dark Zone and armour mechanics. More importantly, for all players concerned, we reveal where to scout the holiest of hollies: lucrative loot. Upon reading, you’ll be so brushed up on affairs, that you’ll run-and-gun blindfolded with 100% critical hit ratio. Well, not quite, but close.

Shoot with Precision

This time around, enemies in the field come equipped with armour and put up more of a resistance. On that note, it’s vital to exploit enemy weak points and target specific hit areas. Typically, these are signified in red. Although, it’s worth bearing in mind that armour varies in strength and health will quickly drop after you penetrate the protective layer.

Mending Agent Armor

Just like the enemy, each agent has the luxury of armour. That said, maintenance is key, especially as your exposed health bar depletes rapidly without it. Using a repair kit on the fly will immediately replenish armour. Hence, leaving you less vulnerable to attack. A crucial factor to victory in The Division 2.

Loot Without Extraction

The Dark Zone is one of The Divisions greatest concepts. However, it suffered in the initial game, as players felt the burn of having their loot lynched when attempting to evac items. Although this style of risk-and-reward based loot thrilled experienced players, it limited those casual goers, thus, alienating the few looking to get into the game. Now, all loot can be sent straight to the inventory, placing less pressure on procurement.

Going Rogue Brings Great Reward

Those looking to raise the stakes and risk all will love the ‘Rogue’ system. With more of an enthesis on pro players, the lure of high-grade loot has never been so appealing, albeit, it comes at a price. As a result, the rogue system has extra layers to it this time around. Elements of greed and theft, allowing players to steal loot spices things up, ratcheting up the tension. Be warned though, if you genuinely desire top-tier loot, there will be a target on your head, so be prepared to fight tooth and nail for it.

Secure Control Points

Control points bring the frenetic action to a head with challenging enemies, alongside reinforcements, usually within a barricaded grid on the map. These may appear to be randomized skirmishes, but aside from cultivating intense firefights, the battles cook up plenty of lucrative loot. With that in mind, be sure to pick up your share in The Division 2.

That caps-off our ultimate list of helpful hints when playing The Division2. All in all, The Division 2, despite its shortcomings, acts as a worthwhile successor to the initial smash-hit entry.

As you can see, there is a lot to digest. Hopefully, these tips will go some way to aiding your progression in the game. What do you do to survive the chaotic conflict zone? Let us know in the comments.