Metroid Prime 4 Switch Release Date Details

Metroid Prime 4 Switch Release Date Details

Metroid Prime 4. The mind boggles. In truth, video game franchises seldom attain such significance in the gaming sphere. Nor do they revel in the same successes that Metroid Prime has over its long and rich history.

Being one of Nintendo’s front-of-house IP’s, it stands alongside Zelda and Mario, as a fiercely popular franchise.

Ever since the inaugural Metroid release, as far back as August 6, 1986, fans have been fixated on the space-faring exploits of Samus Aran, the galactic bounty hunter tasked with banishing space pirates from the far corners of the cosmos.

Sounds cool, right?

Down the years, there have been many variations on that core theme, which, in turn, has spawned countless spin-offs, a couple of sort-after remasters, and even a Metroid Prime Trilogy compilation. Such is the Prime’s mass-appeal.

Personally speaking, my pick of the bunch will always be Metroid Prime for the Nintendo GameCube. As the fifth main entry in the Metroid franchise and the first to make use of three-dimensional graphics viewed from a first-person perspective, Metroid Prime opened my eyes to a whole new horizon of possibilities. It was at the time and has remained one of the most immersive games I have ever played.

That is partly why I still hold the series in such high regard.

Anyway, let us voyage back to today’s topic. In truth, Metroid Prime 4 has been in the works for some time. And it appears as though there have been some significant bumps in the road during the production phase. At least since the game first announced at E3 2017.

Although only a minimalistic reveal at the time, it still sent levels of fan-hype soaring into the stratosphere. It just goes to show the sheer marketing power of a logo.

Let us examine the Metroid Prime Switch Release date in greater detail.

The Road to Release So Far

As a law of thumb, the course of a game’s release can all too suddenly become marred by unpredictable mishaps, unforeseen events, and unlikely departures. That is not to say they cannot be smooth sailing. As they so often are. But the release of Metroid Prime 4 paints a more complicated path.

In 2018, at the time Nintendo of America President and CEO Reggie-Fils-Aime confirmed to news outlet Nintendo Life that “the game is well in development,” and proceeding well.”

So, at this point, it was pretty assumed that the game was on track and that a Metroid Prime Switch Release date would be right around the corner. But sadly, that reality never came to be.

Instead, Nintendo shocked the world, when it made a global announcement concerning the current Metroid Prime 4 situation.

Metroid Primal 4 on Switch

Last year, Nintendo announced it was to restart development concerning Metroid Prime 4. In doing so, they would rehire long-time partners Retro Studios, who worked on many previous games in the franchise.

In a press release video, Nintendo’s Senior Managing Executive Officer, Shinya Takahashi spoke of how development on the game had been far from straight forward, having not “met the company’s standards.”

As a result, from then on, producer Kensuke Tanabe would collaborate with Retro, making a fresh start on the project. Seemingly from scratch.

Metroid Prime Switch Release Date: Current Status

Now we know Retro Studios are spearheading the project, fans can at least rest assuredly. Safe in the knowledge that the team responsible for an entire trilogy of classics in the past. Is firmly, and somewhat thankfully, back on board.

With Retro Studios now co-collaborators on Metroid Prime 4, hopefully, we can expect a faithful, fourth instalment.

That brings us back to the all-important question. When is the Metroid Prime Switch Release Date? Of course, if I were a gambling man, I would have said probably not for a long while. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, guys.

Simply because Nintendo had to begin development again from a fresh slate, so, in many ways, it is back to the drawing board. However, there is also every possibility that any approved assets from previous work could carry over. And would thus, be recycled. One would assume that theory, if proved right, may rapidly speed up the development cycle, somewhat.

But we will see.

Metroid Prime Switch Trailer

Usually, when searching for vital clues of a specific release date, one may naturally navigate towards a reveal trailer, as a strict source of inspiration. Unfortunately, though, there was not a lot for fans to go on. Other than the iconic Metroid Prime 4 logo.

In truth, it is about as primitive an expose you can get. Despite that fact, it still sent fanatical fans into fits of excitement.

What Sort of Game Can We Expect with the Next Metroid Prime?

We may not know the Metroid Prime Switch release date, but that, in no way stops us from fantasizing over the finished article. One of Metroid Primes’ major selling points, as a franchise, is the explorable size and scale of its worlds.

Even for their time, they came across as impressive. Perhaps the option to touch down on different planets and interact with them in inventive ways new to the series? I hope for nothing more than vast, inhospitable worlds shrouded in mystery, steeped in secrets, and packed with a plethora of puzzles.

The possibilities, like the cosmos itself, are endless.

On top of that, I am equally interested to see how Metroid Prime 4 is going to integrate current Switch technologies. For instance, the use of Nintendo’s HD rumble feature, alongside compatible joy-con control sticks, could work wonders for the game.

At least on an immersive level. I hope we hear of a Metroid Prime Switch Release Date soon. Rather than later, Retro.

Metroid Prime Switch Release Date Verdict

We still might be none the wiser when it comes to an actual release date. That said, the fact that Nintendo and long-term collaborator Retro Studios are taking their time over this one highlights just how carefully they are treating the property and the project.

As soon as any further news surfaces, we will be sure to bring you the latest scoop. So, stay tuned for all things Metroid Prime 4.

Better skedaddle. Besides, there is a vast galaxy that needs saving.

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