Langrisser Mobile is on Google Play

Langrisser Mobile is on Google Play

Langrisser Mobile is now up for pre-registration on Google Play, providing a solid alternative to the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes and Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Langrisser game series has been around for many years. The first was released in 1991 in Japan. In the US, the game is known as Warsong. Strategic gameplay with commanders and units, and a story about great wars and how to stop them. The new mobile Langrisser is a direct sequel to the 1998 game Langrisser V, complete with story and RPG system.

The developers have come up with a way to immerse yourself in a new game – the “Portal of Eras” mode with missions that will help you look into history and lore – to understand what is happening here. If you have played tactical RPGs, there are no unpleasant surprises waiting for you, all of them. Emphasis on singleplayer, a large battlefield, many characters – there is where to roam the classics. Also, characters from past games will appear in the game, it will be nice to see old friends for those who have already played.

Now Langrisser is more about singleplayer. But the “Arena” and the Internet connection will allow you to compete with other players from about level 28. Before him there will be fights with shadows – a team of bots.

The game is visually captivating. Japanese style aside, the lore is drawn very beautifully. No wonder the game has millions of fans around the world. After each story story, the players are in for a video – the developers definitely put a lot of money into production.

The game generously rewards with outfits, new heroes and in-game currency. The already mentioned “Portal of Eras” mode allows you to pump fresh heroes and farm from the heart, for dailies and quests you will also be given currencies and prizes, and pvp players, as has been said more than once, are honored and loot everywhere in the game.

This game, like the whole series, has a well-developed plot. Despite the mobile format, the developers managed not to lose the quality of the story, as in the good old RPGs. Langrisser is an exciting medium difficulty game that can drag you in for many hours.