Ian heads to Singapore in the first paid Hitman 2 DLC

Ian heads to Singapore in the first paid Hitman 2 DLC

Ian Hitman is at it again, this time doing a scenic bit of sunset sniping in Singapore. While not a full map, today’s Hitman 2 Hantu Port Sniper Assassin mission (part of the Expansion Pass) feels like a nice warmup for the new maps to come, presenting a fresh challenge. Unlike the previous Himmelstein sniper mission, your targets won’t immediately scurry for safety when threatened, but instead are liable to try to execute the hostages you’re meant to be liberating. Perhaps an easy way to lure your targets out, but an interesting new failure state. Below, the mission briefing.

The challenges accompanying this mission do look interesting. Many of them are focused around hiding corpses by shooting them into out-of-sight corners, shipping containers or into the ocean. Ian is such a professional that he can still shove you in a rubbish bin from half a mile away. To get the maximum possible score, you need to wipe the board absolutely clean without anyone being aware that a bullet was even fired. Pity you can’t shoot out the hostage’s binds just to see their stunned reaction at the squeaky-clean dockside, but you can’t have everything.

Even if you don’t have the season pass, there’s a 1.8GB patch landing today, fixing the usual bundle of bugs, plus a few PC-specific perks. If you’ve got one of the rare GPUs that handle it better, you can now choose to run the game in DirectX 12. They’ve also further tuned how AI respond to weapon fire when 47 is still hidden. Originally the AI was able to triangulate and home in on him with worrying accuracy. Later they perhaps over-corrected, with guards often standing idle when under fire. Now they’ll gradually figure out where to look, depending on how far off you are.

There’s still some Hitman 2 goodies due later this week, with The Black Hat elusive target from the original game returning for owners of the first game, remastered in the sequel on March 29th. I’ve still yet to finish the butler-themed challenge pack from earlier in the month, too. It may be a while yet until the new maps are released to skulk around, but Io Interactive are keen to keep us busy until then.

The Hantu Port Sniper Assassin mission is out now, and available to anyone who owns the Hitman 2 Expansion Pass or Expansion Pack 1. You can see the full patch notes here. Hitman 2 is half off on Steam now, with the base version costing £22.49/€29.99/$29.99, plus discounts on the Silver and Gold editions, although cheekily not the Expansion Pass or DLC specifically.


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