Eve Echoes Guide – Open Beta Tips

Eve Echoes Guide – Open Beta Tips


The highly anticipated EVE Echoes beta is now live on iOS (via TestFlight) and Android (Via Google Play Early Access) devices. Diving into the vast world of EVE Online can be quite confusing, so we’ve compiled a list of EVE Echoes beta tips, tricks, and frequently asked questions that should help you out. 

How to Sign Up for the EVE Echoes Open Beta

The EVE Echoes open beta was announced this October for iOS and Android devices. The beta is currently available to those in Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, South Korea, and New Zealand. If you pre-registered for the beta, you should have an email in your inbox instructing you how to download the beta.

EVE Echoes OBT Launch

If you didn’t pre-register but would still like to participate, you can download EVE Echoes on iOS and Android right now. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to go to main website to join, as it won’t appear in the app store. If you’re using an Android device, simply search the game in the Play Store. 

What’s New in EVE Echoes?

EVE Echoes is pretty similar to that of EVE Online, but it does offer players a few unique features that they won’t find on the PC game. For starters, there will be new storyline missions that players can complete, as well as a new market platform known as the Interstellar Trading Center.

Further, Drones have also been added into the game. Used by all four races, Drones are capable of mining, logistics, and of course, attacking other players. NetEase announced that not only would Drones be available in EVE Echoes, but they would also be playing a different role than they did in EVE Online

Eve Echoes Mining

If you’re new to the game, you don’t really need to worry about Drones right now. Simply focus on figuring out the mechanics as you complete the new pilot tutorial.

Will Progress from the EVE Echoes Beta Carry Over to Launch?

During our time at EVE Vegas in October, we were able to get some hands on time with Echoes ahead of the beta. During one of our meetings with developers, NetEase confirmed that all data from the beta period will be wiped – meaning it won’t be carried over to the full game.

While this may be disappointing for some, the reasoning behind it is pretty straightforward. In the world of EVE, the market is created solely by players. Due to the vast nature of the game, veteran players will have a major upper hand over new players and would be able to dominate the market if all data wasn’t wiped.

To prevent a giant monopoly from happening, wiping all of the data from the beta will allow for a fair and even playing field when it’s time for the official launch of EVE Echoes

If You’re new to EVE, Pay Attention During the Tutorial

Perhaps one of our biggest complaints about Echoes during our time with it earlier this year was the lack of a tutorial. It’s nice to see that NetEase and CCP Games listened to some of the feedback we offered and were able to add in a detailed tutorial for ‘new pilots.’ 

If you’re new to EVE, or have been away for a long time, we strongly suggest taking a few minutes to work through the tutorial so that you know how everything works. If at any point you need a refresher, you can revisit the tutorial by tapping the “Intelligent Assistant” on the left side of your screen – it’s a glowing yellow circle. 

Eve Echoes beta tutorial

Further, we’d also suggest that long time EVE players take the time to go through the Echoes tutorial, as some controls and AI functions are different that EVE Online.

EVE Echoes | How to Purchase a Ship?

Purchasing your first ship in EVE Echoes can be a little confusing, even for veterans of the franchise. If you’re following along with the new pilot tutorial, you’ll be instructed to go to the market and purchase a ship called Slasher. This part isn’t very hard, but figuring out how to obtain your ship is a totally different story.

While you’re purchasing the Slasher, you’ll be prompted to select a destination location. Unfortunately, after you purchase the ship and select a destination, the tutorial gets bugged and won’t deliver your ship. However, developers have stated that if your purchased the Slasher, it’s in the queue to be delivered, but server overloads are causing deliveries to be delayed. 

Eve Echoes Open Beta Ships

You can avoid waiting for your ship delivery by going to pick it up, but odds are you’re ship is in Jita – a location that Redditors have warned is filled with bugs that could glitch out your save. So, we don’t suggest traveling to Jita to get your ship.

If your ship is in Jita and hasn’t arrived, it seems you’ll just have to wait a bit for your ship to be delivered. Remember, Echoes is still in the beta and bugs are bound to appear. Developers have released announcements in the Echoes Discord channel acknowledging the Jita and Slasher bugs. They are working on fixes, but note it might take a little bit of time.

EVE Echoes | How to Accept and Begin Missions?

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, if you’d like to accept a new mission, simply click on the Encounters tab and navigate to the News section. From there you should see new missions and quests that you’ll be able to complete. 

Eve echoes missions

However, you might not be able to complete all of the missions right away, as some will require you to purchase items from the Interstellar Trading Center, which may be down due to updates or might not currently have what you need in stock. If you find yourself in this situation, just keep checking back and you’ll likely be able to complete the missions as the beta continues to expand.

EVE Echoes Factions | Create a Character

There are four different Factions that players can choose from in EVE Echoes – however, it’s worth nothing that none of them affect your gameplay. Essentially, while each of the Factions are slightly different, there really is no reason to pick one group above another, it just comes down to personal preference.

Below you’ll find a list of each EVE Echoes Faction along with a short description:

  • Amarr – An overly religious Faction which encourages slavery. They typically use energy weapons, armour tanking, and fly around in gold colored ships.
  • Caldari – A powerful Faction ruled by corporate dictatorship. They are very aggressive, ruthless in battle, and tend to fly around in blue colored ships.
  • Gallente – An elite socialist state that promotes emigration. They have a tons of famous industry leaders (business, science, etc.) in their Faction and can typically be found flying in green ships.
  • Minmatar – An independent, powerful Faction that is all business. They tend to fly around in red ships, and love using projectile weapons.

Once you’ve selected a Faction, you’ll need to pick a face for your character. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to customize your avatar’s look beyond this – but it’s better than nothing. Finally, simply pick a name for your character and you’ll be good to go.

EVE Echoes Ship Types | How to Travel

There are six different EVE Echoes ship types that players can choose from when buying a ship in the game. As you might expect, each type of ship is unique and offers special features that the others don’t have.

A list of all of the different ship types in EVE Echoes can be seen below, along with a short description of each:

  • Battleship – Slow but durable and can yield a large amount of damage
  • Combat Cruiser – Offers a nice balance between damage and protection
  • Cruiser – Deals a decent amount of damage and is customizable
  • Destroyer – Large ships that do large amounts of damage and have middle of the line protection
  • Frigate – Small, fragile ships that focus on damage
  • Industrial Ship – Designed to carry cargo and has a large item capacity

Players can purchase ships in EVE Echoes by visiting the market. From the market menu, you’ll be able to check a ship’s stats by simply tapping and holding on the ship you’re interested in purchasing. This will open a menu that will tell you everything you need to know about that specific ship.

Once you’ve settled on a ship, you can travel by selecting a “Station” from the menu on your screen and selecting the “Dock” option. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to sit back while your ship warps to its destination.

You can also travel in EVE Echoes by opening up the Stargate map, where you’ll find a more detailed map of the solar system. You can access the Stargate map by selecting the constellation icon next to your avatar.

How to Sell Resources in EVE Echoes

If you’re a new player, figuring out how to sell off resources for extra coin can be a little confusing since EVE Echoes doesn’t make it very clear. Thankfully, it’s a pretty simple process once you know what you should be doing.

Players can sell their items by docking at an ITC station within different solar systems. Once docked, simply select your pilot’s avatar and choose “Inventory.” From there, go to the item hangar and choose the resource you’d like to sell.

Simply set a price for the item and select “Sell” to place your resource in the market. Additionally, if you decide to choose the default price of an item, you’ll instantly be credited.

Hopefully our EVE Echoes tips and tricks guide has offered some helpful advice to questions that you might have early on in the game. If you have a more detailed question or are encountering a bug, consider visiting r/EveEchoes or the official Echoes Discord channel for more help. 


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