Borderlands 3 Trailer Exhibits Showstopping Spectacle

Borderlands 3 Trailer Exhibits Showstopping Spectacle

Finally, Borderlands 3 is here! The Borderlands franchise is famed for its action-packed adrenaline-fuelled carnage, stylish art, quirky comedy, and of course, guns by the bucketload. Despite the success of countless spin-offs, including the episodic ‘Tales of The Borderlands,’ one game has eluded fans for a while now. That game is Borderlands 3.

In truth, speculation has been mounting in recent weeks, with cryptic tweets alerting the attention of fans worldwide. However, those doubts can now be extinguished, with the arrival of a fresh trailer. Recently, the upcoming game aired at the annual Gearbox event: PAX East panel. Thus, sending shockwaves throughout the video games industry.

With no release date set in stone for Borderlands 3, we can only speculate on its arrival. But before we get swept up in all that hyperbole, let’s analyse some of the critical points which came up in the recent offering.

Firstly, fans can expect to see many of their favourite protagonists mark their return in the next instalment. Bar from a few exceptions, most of the gang are present. We see Marcus, Moxxi, Mordecai, Lilith and many others take to the stage. Plus, the brawny-brawler Braxx makes his presence known with a brilliantly bizarre sax-solo. Que the montage!

As we all know, a focal point of the Borderlands experience is the guns. Or rather, the sheer plethora of them. On that note, the game left many a mouth drooling with the somewhat unfathomable announcement that Borderlands 3 will offer up no less than one billion guns. Excuse me, did I hear that right?

Borderlands 3 official trailer

Even by Borderlands standards, this seems wildly farfetched, but boy, are we thankful for it. Especially, since the seemingly scarce supply up for grabs in Anthem, Bioware’s latest looter-shooter. On that note, this is by far the most generous offering the genre has seen. With that in mind, the content doesn’t look to be in question.

Another thing that stole my attention was the number of varied biomes. Unlike previous entries in the series, Borderlands 3 appears to take place throughout many transitional environments. For instance, the neon-soaked urban area looks incredible — hopefully, it’s fully traversable — a nice deviation from the Barron, sand-swept settlements of Pandora.

Also, at first glimpse, some of the enemies look amazing. Bosses have always played a big part in the series, and the character models look flushed with detail. Graphically, the cell-shaded art style looks much like its counterparts. That said, it seems as though both the lighting and texture detail has received a facelift. Of course, it’s harder to tell, because of the art style, which doesn’t glisten with the necessary polish and sheen usually associated with triple-A games. In my mind, it impressed visually, but I understand there are dissenters to this type of style.

That wraps up this recap of the trailer. What did you think of Borderlands 3? Does it match the hype? Or did it fail to meet expectations? Please let us know in the chat below. We want to hear your views.

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