Black Friday 2019 iOS & Android Sales

Black Friday 2019 iOS & Android Sales


It’s that time of year again – the time of crazy deals, stupendous sales, and apparently something to do with Thanksgiving. As a Brit I don’t really understand that last part, but luckily the ‘cheap’ part of Black Friday has invaded the UK like a hostile virus, so we get to benefit from another sales event.

It makes Christmas shopping easier, that’s for sure.

Black Friday 2019 App Deals

We’re going to update this list as we go. Please note that this isn’t going to be 100% comprehensive – for example there are more digital board game deals than what we’ve listed, it’s just these are the more interesting ones to consider. Regardless, here are some of our favourite app sales currently running for Black Friday:

Remember, since Apple stopped their affiliate scheme (Google’s never had one) we don’t get any money for recommending these to you.

Black Friday 2019 Hardware

It’s not something we really look at here on PT, but Hardware’s just as important to mobile gamers as consoles and PC parts are to our brethren in the rest of the gaming industry – we often have to pay a lot more! As an experiment this year, I’m going to list any hardware deals (probably tablets) I spot that seem good, or at least note-worthy.

Note: I’ll probably end up sending you to Amazon, since we’re affiliated and get some money if you buy.

iPad 10.2 Inch (2019) – $279/£299

iPad 10.2 Inch 2019I’m constantly looking at iPads, both new and second hand, because I think it’d be a good idea to invest in one eventually both for the work we do here but also for my daughter’s development for she’s old enough to warrant using a device like this. As such, when a deal turns up on one I definitely pay attention.

Heralded as one of the best tablets for its price-range, Apple’s newest 10.2 inch iPad sports some decent specs and a solid design, and is currently available for $279/£299 via Amazon, which to me seems like a pretty good price for an apple device of this calibre. One potential drawback is the the cheapest model only has 32GB of storage, so it may not suit those who will be downloading lots of apps or planning to store a lot of media on it, but I suspect it’ll suit everyone else fine.

The version we’ve linked is a Wi-Fi only model with 10 hours of battery life. There are options for a Wi-Fi + 4G as well as one with 128 GB storage.

Seen any deals you’ve liked the look of? Let us know in the comments!


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