Apple Arcade Master Games List – Every Game Available & Announced

Apple Arcade Master Games List – Every Game Available & Announced


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02 Dec 2019

For $4.99 you can get instant access to a wide range of premium games, many of which potentially wouldn’t have been released otherwise. Apple’s boasted that their launch line-up is 100-games strong. With this many titles on offer, it can be difficult to get a good read on what is actually available. We’ve got a more curated list of ‘top’ Arcade picks in the works, but as a test I thought I’d publish a simpler ‘master’ list of all of the games currently on the platform, as well as a quick note on genre.

Let me know if you find this useful or not, and if you have any suggestions on what might be more helpful. Most of the games we’ve sampled to far have their own dedicated App Store entry we can considering linking too at a later date, for example.

New Apple Arcade Games 

Updated as of December 2nd, 2019

  • Steven Universe: Unleash the Light (RPG)

Apple Arcade Game Reviews

We’ve started reviewing Apple Arcade games in randomly drawn lots of five:

The Best Apple Arcade Games

Here is a quick summary of our top picks of Apple Arcade games. If you want to read the full article as to why, check out our guide to the best games of Apple Arcade:

  • Various Daylife (RPG)
  • Spaceland (Tactics)
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts (Action)
  • Overland (Strategy/Exploration)
  • Neo Cab (Exploration/Narrative)
  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Action/RPG)
  • Mini Motorways (Puzzle)
  • Grindstone (Puzzle)
  • Card of Darkness (Card Game)
  • Cardpocalypse (Card Game)
  • Cat Quest 2 (RPG)

Apple Arcade Game List

Here is the complete list of games currently available on Apple Arcade. We’ve added indicators in the form of an (R) for games we’ve reviewed via the Arcade Roulette (see above):

  • Agent Intercept (Action/Driving)
  • Assemble with Care (Puzzle)
  • Atone: Heart of the ElderTree (RPG)
  • Ballistic Baseball (Action/Sports)
  • Battle Sky Brigade: Harpooner (Action)
  • Big TimeSports (Action/Sports)
  • Bleak Sword (Action)
  • The Bradwell Conspiracy (Puzzle/Narrative) (R)
  • Card of Darkness (Card Game)
  • Cardpocalypse (Card Game)
  • Cat Quest 2 (RPG)
  • ChuChuRocket (Action/Puzzle)
  • Cricket through the Ages (Action/Sports)
  • Dead End Job (Shooter) (R)
  • Decoherence (Action/Strategy)
  • Dear Reader (Puzzle) (R)
  • Discolored (Exploration/Adventure)
  • Dodo Peak (Action)
  • Don’t Bug Me (Tower Defense) (R)
  • Down in Bermuda (Exploration/Action)
  • Dread Nautical (Strategy)
  • Earth Night (Action)
  • The Enchanted World (Puzzle) (R)
  • Exit the Gungeon (Action/Platformer)
  • Explottens (Action/Side-Scroller)
  • Frogger In Toy Town (Action)
  • The Get out Kids (Exploration/Puzzle)
  • Grindstone (Puzzle)
  • Guildings (Adventure) (R)
  • Hexaflip (Puzzle)
  • Hot Lava (Action) (R)
  • Hogwash (Action/Party)
  • InMost (Puzzle/Platformer)
  • Jenny LeClue (Puzzle/Narrative)
  • Jumper Jon (Metroidvania)
  • King’s League 2 (Tactics/Action) (R)
  • Lego Brawls (Action/Brawler)
  • Lifeslide (Exploration/Narrative)
  • Lifelike (Relaxation)
  • Manifold Garden (Exploration)
  • Marble it Up: Mayhem! (Action/Platformer)
  • Mini Motorways (Puzzle)
  • Mind Symphony (Music)
  • Monomals (Puzzle/Action)
  • Mosaic (Narrative)
  • Murder Mystery (Machine Puzzle)
  • Mutazione (Puzzle/Narrative) (R)
  • Neo Cab (Exploration/Narrative)
  • Nightmare Farm (Farming/Simulator) (R)
  • Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (Action/RPG)
  • Operator 41 (Tactics/Action)
  • Outlanders (Simulation/Exploration)
  • Over the Alps (Action/Exploration) (R)
  • Overland (Strategy/Exploration)
  • Pac-Man Party Royale (Action)
  • Patterned (Puzzle)
  • Possessions (Puzzle)
  • Pilgrims (Adventure/Puzzle) (R)
  • Pinball Wizard (Action)
  • Projection: First Light (Puzzle/Narrative)
  • Punch (Planet Action/Fighter)
  • Rayman Mini (Action/Platformer)
  • Red Reign (Action)
  • Redout: Space Assault (Arcade/Shooter)
  • Rosie’s Reality (Puzzle) (R)
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts (Action)
  • Shantae and the Seven Sirens (Action/Exploration)
  • Shinsekai Into the Depths (Action/Platformer) (R)   
  • Shock Rods (Action/Shooter)
  • Skate City (Action)
  • Sneaky Sasquatch (Action)
  • Sociable Soccer™ (Sports Management)
  • Sonic Racing (Action/Racing)
  • Spaceland (Tactics)
  • Speed Demons (Action/Racing) (R)
  • Spek (Puzzle)
  • Spelldrifter (Card Battler) (R)
  • Spidersaurs (Action/Shooter)
  • Star Fetched – (Shooter/Tower Defence)
  • Stela (Platformer)
  • Stellar Commanders (Strategy)(R)
  • Stranded Sales (Exploration/Survival)
  • Super Impossible Road (Action/Racing)
  • Super Mega Mini Party – (Casual/Collection) 
  • Takesahi & Hiroshi (Adventure)
  • Tales of Memo (Puzzle/Battler)
  • TangleTower (RPG)
  • Things That Go Bump (Action/Side-scrolling)
  • Tint (Puzzle)
  • Towaga: Among Shadows Action
  • UFO on Tape: First Contact (Action)
  • Various Daylife (RPG)
  • Way of the Turtle (Action/Platformer)
  • What the Golf? (Puzzle/Simulation) (R)
  • Where Cards Fall (Puzzle/Narrative) (R)
  • Word Laces (Puzzle)
  • Yaga (RPG) (R)

Games announced but not available yet:

  • The Artful Escape (Action/Platform)
  • Beyond Blue (Action/Exploration)
  • Beyond a Steel Sky (RPG)
  • Box Project (Simulation)
  • Doomsday Vault (Exploration/Action)
  • Enter the Construct (Action/Shooter)
  • Fantasian (RPG)
  • A Fold Apart (Puzzle)
  • Hitchhiker (Exploration/Narrative)
  • Kings of the Castle (Puzzle)
  • Lego Arthouse (Exploration/Narrative)
  • Little Orpheus (Puzzle)
  • No Way Home (Exploration)
  • Painty Mob (Action)
  • The Pathless (Action)
  • Proxi (Simulation/Exploration)
  • Spyder (Action/Exploration)
  • Winding Worlds (Puzzle/Exploration)

It seems not every game on the list we found that are coming to Apple Arcade are available yet. Apologies for the confusion. We will try and get to the bottom of what is and isn’t available and update the list accordingly. 

We’re going to keep this list update as we hear about new games coming (or even going?) from the platform but if you spot anything we’ve missed, let us know in the comments!


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