5 Tips to Get a Supercar in GTA Online

5 Tips to Get a Supercar in GTA Online

What is GTA Online about? Well, if you ask us, the game’s less about the driving and more about looking good and being rich! One of the best ways to do this in the game is to get yourself a supercar. With their awesome look and the price tag to match, these supercars will help you zoom around the city in style, signifying your status as an extremely rich and incredibly stylish individual—at least, in-game.

Don’t have a supercar for yourself? Don’t fret! Here’s what you can do to grab one in-game:

1. Go on a heist

We all wish that we could grab these supercars without having to grind at all. Then again, if you didn’t have to work for it, then these cars wouldn’t be as glamorous, would they?

That said, we hope you’re prepared to go on tons of heists, as they’re the fastest way you can rack up the cash. Fortunately for you, these heists are probably what makes GTA Online so awesome. Not only are they enjoyable to do, but they’ll get you that cash stack you desperately need in a couple of hours.

2. Get lucky

Supercars spawn quite frequently in single-player missions, some of them linked to specific places in the city. To add to this, even switching players can get you The Adder, arguably one of the most awesome cars in the game.

If you aren’t playing Franklin, switching to him at the right time might land you right next to this sweet car. Not only is this one of the more expensive of the six vehicles that are included in the base game, but having one to drive around amidst traffic is a godsend.

3. Opt for the Vacca

If you had to pick from one of the more common supercars in GTA Online, we highly recommend that you opt for the Vacca. While it won’t be setting record time, and might even struggle a bit in some of the competitive scenes, it is one of the snazziest cars you can ever get in the single-player game.

4. Fail a mission purposefully

There is a particular mission in the base game where all the three protagonists of GTA V come together. The mission’s called “I Fought the Law…” and failing it allows you to get a supercar!

How do you do this? Well, first, get the mission started. After you pick who you want to play, head to Los Santos Customs and modify a car to your heart’s content. Once that’s done, fail the mission purposefully. You’ll find that, after that, you’ll see the same car in the impound, which you can get after the mission is done!

5. Visit the rich area

If you need a supercar to get yourself started in the competitive multiplayer scene, visit the wealthier parts of Los Santos. There, you’ll run into cars that can spawn, although they’re more on the entry-level side, so don’t expect top-tier supercars on the get-go. If you want those kinds of supercars, then you’ll need to rack up some cash, stat. 


Put simply, GTA Online is a game that requires you to grind. Just like in real life, if you want your dream supercar, then you have to be willing to put in the extra hours to rack up enough cash to get what you want. However, there are also a ton of entry-level supercars that you can buy, all of which give you a taste of the supercar world in GTA Online.

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