4 GTA Online Properties You Should Consider Investing

4 GTA Online Properties You Should Consider Investing

Have you come to the point in GTA Online where you have more money than you know what to do with? Consider investing in property! You can get yourself even more money without having to do barely anything on your part, other than deciding which property to invest in. Once you have done that, then you can kick back, relax, and let the money flow.

Here are the four best properties you should consider investing in GTA Online:

1. Bunkers

Bunkers are one of the best properties to invest in that will bring you tons of cash. There, you can operate illegal activities that’ll rake in millions every day. However, just having the money to invest in a bunker is not enough. You will need to be either a CEO or a VIP of a company before you can go ahead with the venture. Also, note that you can only have one bunker at a time, so make your decision carefully.

2. Hangars

With hangers, you are given the ability to sell aircraft of all sorts. However, the type of aircraft you must sell will depend on the location of the hangar. Because of this, you’ll want to pick the best site to set up your shop. Our tip? Fort Zancudo has one of the best spawns to be found in-game. Plus, you can get into the area without running into trouble.

3. Nightclubs

If opting for illegal activities is not your cup of tea, then purchasing a nightclub is an excellent source of legal, passive income. All you have to do here is have the money to buy the nightclub. Once you’ve bought it, you can leave and the nightclub will rake in cash for you. Do note, however, that it will take time for nightclubs to bring in cash. Generally, it will not make much money right away. Instead, the money flow will slowly ramp up, eventually raking in cash in the thousands.

4. MC Businesses

These properties are more so oriented to illegal businesses such as weed farms, counterfeit factories, and the like. While this is risky, it does give you a lot of cash—and by a lot, we mean millions a day. However, the only way you’ll get to purchase an MC property is to first own an MC (Motorcycle Clubhouse) and become the president of the clubhouse. Only then will you be given access to these properties. If you want the best properties available, look for cocaine or meth labs for purchase!


With plenty of money in your pocket, investing them in a property is perhaps the best thing you can do to get yourself even more cash. Other than the ones we have shared with you so far, there are many other properties you can invest in, such as vehicle warehouses and the like. With some research and careful planning, you’ll be able to invest in multiple properties, and soon find yourself richer than you could have ever imagined.

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