3 Ways You Can Make Money in Grand Theft Auto V

3 Ways You Can Make Money in Grand Theft Auto V

So, you’re looking to grab yourself that supercar of your dreams in GTA 5. Unfortunately, you’ve just bought another one recently, and now your pockets are running dry. Either that or you have no idea how to make money quickly. Whether you need cash to grab a new car or for any other reason, you’ve probably found yourself Googling “GTA 5 cheats PS4 vehicles” or something similar.

Here are three ways you can make money in GTA 5:

1. Steal from the ATMs

If you need quick, easy money, ATMs are a good choice. There, you aren’t stealing directly from the ATMs. Instead, you’ll be stealing from the people that are there to withdraw some cash.

You’ll have to wait there for someone to show up, then wait for them to withdraw some cash first. This is important because while the NPCs have up to only $20 on them, after they just withdrew some money, they’ll have up to $120.

Keep in mind though that the NPCs can grow suspicious of you, which will cause them to leave the vicinity without using the ATM. Then again, some ATMs will attract much more attention and be used far more often than others, so you’ll have to do quick research on which ones are better targets.

2. Rob an armoured car

What does an armoured car indicate? Money! To find these armoured cars in the game, look at your map and find the blue dots. These dots indicate that there is an armoured car.

Once you’ve arrived at one location, there are two things you can do: rob the person walking up to it that’s holding a briefcase or steal money from the armoured car itself. If you’re going to steal from the individual, prepare for the gunfight. If you want to steal from the truck, stop the vehicle once the briefcase is loaded and shoot open the back to take the money. Either way, you’ll most likely be in a gunfight, so be prepared!

What’s the payout? Thousands of dollars! You can make anywhere between $3,500 to $8,000 in a single robbery.

3. Return a kid’s bike

In this mission, you’ll find yourself helping a kid named Gray Nicholson. He’ll tell you all about his stolen bike, in which you’re given a choice to get it back for him. If you do get it for him, he’ll text a message back to you later, saying that he is now a millionaire and that he’ll wire $100,000 into your account.

Do note that the blue dot for this mission might not be for Gray Nicholson, so check it every time you see it appear near Little Bighorn Avenue.


Other than the tips we’ve shared so far, there are so many other ways you can make money in GTA V, from robbing stores to assassinations missions. The great thing about this is that, once you’re bored out of your mind grinding one method, you can always go for another to mix things up.

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