3 Games We Wish Showed up on the Nintendo Switch – What to Know

3 Games We Wish Showed up on the Nintendo Switch – What to Know

With the new year upon us, we should be expecting new games to be storming to the Nintendo Switch platform soon. This should be true as Nintendo themselves had stated that the Switch is here to stay for the long run and is going to reward any Switch owners plenty of fun. Fortunately for us, a few games have already been promised, such as the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Another game that’s built quite a hype recently is the new Animal Crossing: New Horizon. 

That said, we don’t really know what else will show up on the Nintendo Switch platform. However, what we do know is what we want! In this article, we will share with you three games that we wish would show up on the Nintendo Switch:

1. Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus

If you’ve ever owned the Nintendo DS, you’d at least know about Kid Icarus: Uprising. You might have seen appearances of at least two characters from the game itself, both known as Pit and Palutena. 

If you didn’t own one and you have no idea what this game is, it’s a unique and satisfying combination of hack n’ slash, on-rail shooters, platforming, and weapon grinding. In other words, it is a combination of different types of a game into one. Despite the wonky controls that have caused hands to cramp, it is a beautiful game that is filled with cute and cheeky narratives and a plot that’ll help you to love the characters.

That said, even if it is just a remaster onto the Switch, we hope to see the game on the new platform. You should also hope that the controls are a little more user-friendly so that you don’t have to put the Switch down every few minutes.


Earthbound SNES game cover

Known as Mother 2 in Japan, the game was a massive hit on the SNES. Mother 3 was also made but it was only released in Japan, leaving everyone else outside the country something to long for. While we don’t think that Mother 3 will ever get a global release or at least a western version, we still would love to get our hands on a sequel to Earthbound.

Whether that’s new sequels to the game, or just a remaster of the original, anything would be great again to experience on the new platform. Whatever it is Nintendo chooses to do, we hope that Earthbound gets an appearance on the Switch.

3. F-Zero

F-ZERO SNES Loading screen

Captain Falcon’s iconic “Falcon Punch” line in the Smash Bros series has gotten our hearts trembling when we’re on the receiving end of such a devastating attack. Unfortunately, that’s where most of us ever heard of Captain Falcon, as his origin, F-Zero, was made in 1990! The latest release was in 2004, and that’s still at least 16 years ago.

The game back then was truly ahead of its time, offering cutting-edge racing mechanics and gameplay that every SNES lover truly adores. We can only hope that Nintendo does the game justice and at least create a remaster on the Switch.


While there are a whole bunch of games on the Nintendo Switch platform and many more to come, we sincerely hope the one’s we’ve pointed out so far makes it into the platform. Whether that’s for nostalgic purposes, or a simple cry to have the game available on the platform, we hope Nintendo makes it happen!

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