3 Amazing Armored Vehicles in GTA Online

3 Amazing Armored Vehicles in GTA Online

Whether you want to wreak havoc on other players around you or get around the city carrying out busts without worrying about officials stopping you dead on the tracks, you will want an armoured vehicle. Fortunately for you, GTA Online has plenty of these cars to offer, yet not all options are created equal.

In this article, we share with you three amazing armored vehicles you can pick up for GTA Online:

1. Duke O’ Death

For those returning to GTA Online after a long hiatus, you are offered this car for free! That is great news, especially if you are looking to get some smashing on the way. For those who are not on a break, you can purchase this car for $660,000.

What does this armored vehicle have to offer? Quite a lot, actually. The car has a high bulletproof rating, all thanks to the fact that there is no glass around the car. Instead, it has metal grills to protect you from oncoming shots. At the same time, it has quite the resistance to the explosion, given if someone is sitting inside it. When you’re inside the vehicle, you can expect four sticky bombs to hit you before it blows up. If no one’s inside, it will take only two.

Now, what about speed? Of all the armored cars in the game, the Duke O’ Death is undoubtedly the fastest, allowing you to get in and get out at lightning speeds.

2. Regular Insurgent

If you have completed the Humane Labs Raid mission, you are given the option to purchase this car for just under around $675,000. If you have not done the mission, expect to pay approximately $900,000. For that reason, we highly recommend that you complete the mission since you are going to do that anyway sooner or later.

Now, when it comes to buying an armored vehicle, it will not steal any attention. The glass will not protect you from bullets since there is no armor there. However, what it is strong against would be explosives, as it can face five sticky bombs before getting fully damages. As for speed, it is not the fastest vehicle around, so do not expect to be leaving the police in the dust with it.

3. Heavy Night Shark

Being one of the newer cars in the game, you can purchase the Heavy Night Shark for $1,245,000, which is actually quite a hefty price tag. Despite that price, the vehicle is surprisingly worth the money.

First, its armor rating is fantastic! It has armor pretty much everywhere, from its doors to the windows, and even the windshield. Thanks to all this armor, it can easily smash through other vehicles, making it one of the better getaway armored vehicle options. Also, the car comes packed with a machine gun to help you break through any resistance. The weapon is to make sure no one comes too close to the car, as the vehicle is quite weak at the sides and rear, especially to close-range shots.

When it comes to explosive resistance, the Heavy Night Shark can withstand up to eight sticky bombs! That is quite phenomenal. However, do note that it can fail at the 5-bomb mark. Also, despite its heavy armor, it is one of the faster-armored vehicles in the game.


So, which armored vehicle should you pick during your adventures in GTA Online? Well, that will depend on you. If you ask us, the Duke O’ Death is one of the best cars you can go for, as not only is it relatively affordable, but it is also still amazing for what it does. That said, you cannot go wrong with any of these vehicles.

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